• Added an option to translate the "Buffer" seat type to "sold"
  • Added copy and paste to app availability days
  • Added password permission for the App Order Manager window
  • Added Paypal Payment item to the system by default
  • Added protection to the backup restoring procedure
  • Added protection to the deposit recap to avoid duplicate entries
  • Added Sales Tax to the customer facing display
  • Added support for First Data - Ingenico Lane 3000
  • Added the midnight rollover to the E2E show schedule
  • Fixed problem causing ticket rewards to be added as items
  • Increased the size and usability of the gift fulfillment center configuration window
  • Made several QoL changes to the item cost configuration window.
  • Updated the Device type assigned to Chase Lane 3000
  • Updated the error handling for gift fulfillment when using fulfillment center
  • Updated the legacy RTS receipts to support the spendable point program
  • Updated the method used for redeeming super savers
  • updated the mobile redirect for Mercury Hosted Checkout