Installing EMV Card Readers

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When setting up EMV card readers, there are two pieces of software that must be installed on each machine that will have a reader connected to it. Follow the steps below on each machine in order to set each card reader up.

Step 1: Installing Drivers

  • Make sure the card reader is plugged in, powered, and the screen is on.
  • Navigate to the Datacap download page, download and run the appropriate card reader drivers under "Device Drivers".
    • Note: The following card readers do not need drivers
      • VX820 (Canada ONLY)
      • Augusta ID Tech
      • Ingenico IWL258
  • If using The Touch Dynamic Quest EMV Tabletm you will require the two drivers below:

Step 2: Installing Client Controls

  • While on the Datacap download page expand the "Client Controls" tab.
  • If in the US, download "dsiEMVUS®"
  • If in Canada, download "DSIEMVClientX™®1.26"
  • After downloading this, run it. It will prompt you to reboot after this. Make sure to hit "Yes" on this prompt.

Step 3: Setting up the Card Reader in RTS

  • After drivers and client controls have been installed and the machine has rebooted, navigate to Setup -> Local Computer -> Card Reader.
  • Click the assign reader button and select the appropriate processor and card reader from the list.
    • The "E2E" card reader options are swipe only. In most cases, you will select the "EMV" options for chip reading.
  • Click the "Test" button to ensure communication is "Working".
  • If the test worked, select "Setup EMV Reader".
    • The reader will go through a reboot and RTS should pop up a message box saying "Worked".

Host2 2020-09-02 12-29-04.png

Step 4: Inputting Lane ID - CANADA ONLY

In Canda, the only reader currently supported is the Verifone VX820. These are serial readers that do not require a driver. Furthermore, the Lane ID must be set at Setup -> Local Computer -> Card Reader for each specific reader. On the credit card setup sheet received from the processor, all readers will be listed with their serial numbers, along with a lane ID. Each lane ID must be paired with the serial number of the reader.

Host2 2020-09-02 12-21-02.png

Additonal Notes / Troubleshooting

If the card reader does not show up under "Ports (COM & LPT)" in Device Manager, it may not have a driver installed, or the driver may not have installed correctly. Device Manager can be accessed via File -> Other -> Control Panel -> Device Manager. This can be further verified by going to "Programs and Features" in Control Panel and searching for the card reader driver. Check below for card reader models that do not need drivers. If the reader you are working with is NOT listed, it will need drivers. If the card reader shows with an error, or a yellow triangle next to it in device manager, you may need to uninstall the drivers from Programs and Features and reinstall using the drivers below.